Study in Sweden: UHR Scholarships for master’s students University of Skövde

This scholarship is funded by the Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR) to student who are looking for Master study with the help of financial support. Please look into the following information for further detail:

Where: University of Skövde, Sweden


Nationality: International Candidates

Fund: 50% of Tuition fee (Funded for one academic semester)

Degree obtain: Master’s study



  • Applicants shall have satisfies academic result.
  • Scholarship is based on academic merit
  • Be able to support themselves during the stay and study of the course
  • Are applying for a Master’s study

How to apply:

  1. First you must apply for one of the University of Skövde’s master’s programmes at the Swedish official online application service University Admissions. Online application is through this link:
  2. After being accepted to the school already, applicants ought to apply for the scholarship through the following link: Application formt
  3. Please note that you will need to provide school with the application number you received from the University Admissions website


Deadline: March 15th, 2018


Official Website;