United in Diversity Training Course 10-17 February 2020 | Thessaloniki, Greece

The Training course “United in Diversity” provides new competences to youth workers and youth leaders to support and manage work with diverse and socially disadvantaged groups, especially young people with fewer opportunities

Project “United for Diversity and Inclusion” aims at promoting and nurturing the value of EU, respect for human dignity and ensure inclusion and participation for all. 
The project is composed of 2 mobility of youth workers activities organized by USB: a Seminar with partnership building elements that was organised from 5th to 12th of October 2019 and a Training course for educators that will be organised from 10th to 17th of February 2020, both in Thessaloniki, Greece.

The Training course “United in Diversity” will involve 24 participants from 8 countries that are youth workers, youth leaders, volunteers who are involved in the work of involved organisations. 


  • provide new competences to youth workers and youth leaders to support and manage work with diverse and socially disadvantaged groups, especially young people with fewer opportunities as well as competences to foster social inclusion, European values and active youth participation;
  • present and use youth work frameworks and tools for trainers’ competency assessment (European Training Strategy, SALTO TOY and Council of Europe portfolio) for participants to self-assess and evaluate their role as youth workers and non-formal educators;
  • improve the managerial, social, intercultural, facilitation and training competences of participants by identifying the areas where and how they can improve themselves (through working on personal development and learning plans); 
  • develop, practice and evaluate non-formal learning activities that will be put together in ‘Inclusion and Diversity Toolbox’ for working with disadvantaged groups, promotion of diversity and fostering social inclusion, European values and active youth participation that will be used by involved organisations, participants or other stakeholders in youth work across Europe;
  • create a group of competent educators/trainers/multipliers with pro-active attitudes towards combating social exclusion who will implement activities and multiply the acquired knowledge, skills and tools in work with diversity, inclusion and youth with fewer opportunities;
  • develop strategic plans for action in forms of follow-up activities that will be run by participants with the support of partner organisations back in their local communities and countries.


  • Youth workers, youth leaders, volunteers who are involved in the work of partner organisations;
  • With some experience in the fields of diversity, social inclusion & youth participation;
  • With experiences of preparing and facilitating non-formal learning activities;
  • Strong motivation and open-minded attitude;
  • Over 18 years old and able to comfortably communicate in English;
  • Residents in the involved countries

Participants who want to apply have to fill in the online Google form here by 22/01/2020. read more


reConnectin Training Course 9-18 March 2020 | Osrodek Wczasovy Wierna, Poland

reConnectin is an 8-day training which aims to introduce and explore “Mindfulness” and to experiment with practical and fun tools and techniques that can bereadily used in daily life, creative work and in the other situations and places too.

We invite you to be, move, play, observe, listen, share, explore, experiment, challenge ourselves, learn from within and from each other, get to know new people & ways & attitudes, and create this experience together.

​Lets explore and experiment together with activities and methods which help us to tune in into the unfolding moment and cultivate our ability to be present.

reConnectin is an 8-day training course which aims to introduce and explore
“Mindfulness”  in interactive and playful ways and to experiment with practical and fun tools and techniques that can bereadily used in daily life, creative work and in the other situations and places too.


Who is  this training for?

The training is designed for youth workers & volunteers and other people who work with people, who want to refresh their skills and attitudes to their days, to other people, to work and to the world. read more


Feminist of the World, Unite! – Study session Seminar 2-6 March 2020 | European Youth Centre Budapest, Hungary

Feminist of the World, Unite! invites feminist activists and educators from all around the globe to discuss intersectional feminism, gender equality and power structures in a safe and healing environment.

Do you identify as a woman, non-binary person or any other gender, that is not a cis-gendered man? Are you between 16-30, and involved in feminist work as an activist or educator? Are you sick and tired of the patriarchy, uninclusive feminism and gender-based oppression? Do you want to share ideas, develop your perspective and plan an action with likeminded people from all over the world? If the answer is yes to these questions, our upcoming study session in partnership with the Council of Europe sounds like the right space for you! Apply to unite with feminists around the world!


Provide a space to create strategies, tools and skills to promote inclusive, intersectional feminism


  • Offer participants the opportunity to discuss and explore their own experiences and societal realities concerning feminism
  • Explore intersectionality concerning feminism and consider how and why marginalised and minority groups have different experiences of sexism and patriarchy
  • Offer space for participants to share projects, programmes and expertise in the field of feminism and promote the cross-pollination of ideas and approaches
  • Create projects and strategies that build bridges between lived experiences, education, activism and policy to challenge the patriarchy


  • Prospective applicants should:
  • NOT identify as a cis-gendered man
  • Be between 16-30 years old. If you’re aged 16 and 17, you must provide parental/guardian consent, and attend with another participant who will take legal responsibility you (including during travel). This age limitation is due to the funding rules of the Youth Department of the Council of Europe who is one of the partners of this Study Session. Participants up to an age of 35 can only be accepted on a case-by-case basis.
  • Have experience discussing and implementing intersectional and inclusive feminist perspectives and practices
  • Have the time to attend the whole study session, and to implement the project or action following the project
  • Able to work confidently in English


IFM-SEI aims to include people of all genders in their activities and will aim for a balance of different genders (excluding cis-gendered men). Participants will be selected based on their application questions, and the selection team will also ensure there is a geographical and organisational balance in the participants. read more


Citizenship Reloaded: digital citizenship (and tools) for a new European citizenship Training Course 16-21 March 2020 | TBD, Italy

This course aims at raising awareness, exercising skills and promoting tools related to digital spaces, online communities and the respective cultures. How can these tools be used to contrast phenomena like brainwashing, hate speech and extremism?

While we see an increasing presence of people (not only youngsters) in digital contexts, and more and more studies describe on-line virtual spaces as something which is part of the everyday life experience and not something separated from It, many people still lack the basic skills for being a proper citizen of this new space.

This also applies to youngsters, which are often attracted by online relationships / interactions through digital media, and are very much involved in using them extensively, but who often show with their behaviour that they are not aware of many of the possible risks, and in general of the complexity of this new part of human life experience.

In this perspective there isn’t any meaning to the definition “digital natives”: we should better talk about digital consumers, who are in bad need of defining their citizenship rights (and duties) in this part of their life too. read more

EGL – Youth Council & Participatory Budgeting Study Visit 3-7 Dec 2019 – Paris – France

Participants are coming from municipalities across Europe to share practice on how youth councils work, the importance of lobbying and to learn from others about how best to tackle their priorities.

There will be a chance to meet representatives from youth councils from across Europe. The Study visit is set up to allow interaction, learning, sharing, questions, and space for reflection. All participants will have the chance to understand the current context and strategy of the Conseil de Jeunesse de Paris, as the capital city and an independent region of France, and compare and contrast with their own.